Ferland Team

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Ferland Team

RE/MAX Platine

C: 514 229-2676

O: 450 444-3456

Ferland Team

  • Jean-François Ferland
    Jean-François Ferland
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

    You are selling or want to acquire a property? I am the real estate broker you are looking for to defend your interests! Being in Real Estate for 19 years, I can help you for both residential and commercial, income properties, business ... For a few years, the sale of convenience stores with gas stations has become my "niche", my speciality. If owning a gas station is a project that interests you, we have to meet! I will explain all the necessary steps to successfully complete your project and I will accompany you in all stages of the transaction:

    - Search for financing with traditional or private lenders;
    - Negotiations of contracts with oil companies and different suppliers
    - Demystify environmental testing to ensure that soils are not contaminated
    - Evaluation of the service life of petroleum equipment;
    - Financial projections of your new business;
    - Inventory, transfer of client accounts (Loto-Québec, liquor and tobacco licenses) account openings, etc.

    Until the signing of the deed of sale at the notary and well after the end of the transaction, I remain your resource person and I am always available to help.

    Broker at RE/MAX Platine, I own my own company inside the agency, Jean-François Ferland Courtier Immobilier Inc. and I am the leader of Team Ferland composed of ambitious young brokers with different skills and strengths which complement each other. my team will make THE difference. 

    We are also very specialized and at the cutting edge of technology for everything related to social networks, SEO and SEM to ensure you an optimal visibility and that your registration stands out. In short, by choosing Team Ferland, you will benefit from:
    - a personalized and bilingual service;
    - weekly reports and updates on the number of visits received online;
    - RE/MAX Tranquilli-T Program for peace of mind;
    - a turnkey experience from start to finish!

    Looking forward to dealing with you very soon! THE FORCE OF A TEAM, 24/7!

  • Valérie Doucet
    Valérie Doucet
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Bachelor in Public Relations, I worked for seven years in organizing events as a project manager before discovering my passion for real estate. Organization and customer service are some of my strengths that I have learned to apply to this new field of expertise. Being an assistant at the start, it did not take much time before I decided to obtain my licence to go on the field. Working as a team was for me a must because, together we can serve you better ... and we sell more, because we give more! I always play the role of assistant for Jean-François, I make sure deadlines are met and rigorous follow-ups are done. I am also the one who deals with the marketing strategy, social medias, publicity and the image of the Team.

    I love working with buyers, researching the property of your dreams, listening, establishing your needs, creating a bond of trust. I do not put pressure, I adapt well to the rhythm of my clients so that they feel comfortable and they can make informed decisions in order to build customer loyalty. I am inspired by the Buffini method, a human approach based on SEO ... By the way, I am always available for your references!

    At RE /MAX Platine, our training program keeps us informed about the market and the latest trends. I am therefore qualified to meet your needs and give you an unequaled and personalized service to assist you in your efforts, which can sometimes be complex and confusing, especially if it's a first real estate transaction. I will accompany you at each step of the sale of your property. It could for some advice in home staging to create the WOW effect that will give the future buyers a crush or to take professional photos that will enhance your pieces and attract visitors.

    In summary, I am the one who takes care of our customers and provides outstanding service while defending your interests as if it were mine. I am patient, caring ... So when are we going to visit together?
  • Olivier Tétreault
    Olivier Tétreault
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    As a Real Estate Broker I believe in building a good relationship with my clients. I'm passionate about the business and I hold every single transaction close to my heart. My knowledge and my constant awareness of the real estate market allow me to provide a professional service to each and everyone of my clients. Having also my commercial real estate brokerage license, I am able to help you in the realization of your commercial projects no matter the extent of these. I will be present by your side throughout the entirety of the process to ensure you a stress-free experience. Feel free to contact me, it will be my pleasure to meet you in person.
  • Francis Lamothe
    Francis Lamothe
    Residential Real Estate Broker

    I have a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance. I am also a real estate investor since 2013. My talents have allowed me to develop two fields of expertise. The first is the investment in multi-residential rental housing. Indeed, helping my clients grow their personal wealth is a great pride. However, my second field of expertise, the transactions concerning the main residences of my clients, remains my favorite. Few things affect people's quality of life more than a successful real estate project.

    My approach is simple and proven: rigorous work with attention to detail. I take advantage of several trainings and I am trying to surround myself with the best resource persons and specialists who can intervene in a transaction. Following this logic, I am the real estate resource person for my clients before, during and after their transaction. I therefore wish to establish long-term business relationships and I am always available.

    My concern to surround myself led me to join the team of Jean-François Ferland. The Team brings together brokers from different horizons, which allows to fully cover the needs of customers. The Team Ferland shares its human and technological resources, which generates an outstanding level of service.

    Looking forward to participating in your projects!

  • Julie Beauregard
    Julie Beauregard
  • Jean-François Ferland Jean-François Ferland
  • Valérie Doucet Valérie Doucet
  • Olivier Tétreault Olivier Tétreault
  • Francis Lamothe Francis Lamothe
  • Julie Beauregard Julie Beauregard

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